Rapid Care Pharmacy

ARMS Rapid Care Pharmacy

Jodi and Yelly Ann

Metro Health Center
712 25th Street, North
Birmingham, AL 35203

Phone: 205-407-6901

Fax: 205-439-7248

Hours:  Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Open during lunch hours)

ARMS Rapid Care Pharmacy is located in our Metro Health Center and managed by our tenured Pharmacist, Jodi Travis, PharmD. Our courteous, bilingual Pharmacy Technician, Yelly Ann Dobbins, is available to assist you, as well.

Rapid Care Pharmacy works closely and efficiently with your ARMS Provider to coordinate your prescription medication needs.

ARMS’ patients are eligible to purchase covered outpatient drugs at significantly reduced prices, due to our HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program. The 340B Program allows ARMS to discount prescriptions, averaging 25-50% off retail pricing, for our ARMS Patients.