Behavioral Health Services

Amy Sparks

Director of Homeless/Behavioral Health Services

"Loyal and dedicated to the homeless since 1986"

Metro is the “home” of services to our homeless population.  Research shows that when the homeless have ready access to regular primary health care, they depend much less on emergency rooms and get the preventive and routine care they need.   ARMS began providing services in 1985 as Birmingham Health Care for the Homeless Coalition, on the streets of Birmingham, out of a “state of the art” mobile health unit.  Staff walked the parks, climbed under bridges, went into homeless camp sites, soup kitchens, shelters and other places where the homeless were known to congregate; starting at 6:00 a.m. and ending at 7:00 p.m., to provide services for this population.  Medical care is the “carrot” in getting the homeless connected for the provision of other services they need to become self-sufficient. Each client is assigned an individual case manager who conducts a comprehensive needs assessment and develops an individualized plan of care.  ARMS provides, in addition to medical care, case management, screenings for eligibility for various benefits, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and housing.  Throughout the years, the desire to provide care for the homeless still exists as evident by our Mission Statement: To provide quality healthcare and related services to our community, including under-served and homeless persons, regardless of language, culture, and financial barriers.

Case Management

Through our Behavioral Health Services Department, Alabama Regional Medical Services offers dedicated and personal case management services. In order to ensure continuity of care and reduce fragmentation of services, an assigned Case Manager follows up with all outreach, centralized intake, assessment, and provides referrals to other community resources. Our case management staff works with the client to identify their needs, set goals, and carry out their plan of action. ARMS Case Managers also assist clients in finding permanent housing, employment, developing treatment plans, and other community based benefits such as medical coverage, food stamps, TANF, and subsidized housing.

Substance Abuse / Mental Health

case management

Substance Abuse and Mental Health services are available via referral arrangements.

Outreach Services

outreach services

ARMS recognizes the importance of educating the community about our services. Our Outreach Workers take to the streets of Birmingham and public housing communities to educate individuals about healthcare access. Street Outreach Teams provide medical care, medications, warm clothing and blankets to at-risk and homeless persons on the streets and in local shelters. This allows ARMS to build a connection with these individuals; hopefully, they will take advantage of our healthcare and case management services.