Maternity Wellness Program

ARMS' Maternity Wellness Center provides Obstetric medical prenatal care for women, everyday, no matter of their age, race, or financial situation. Our Board-certified OB/GYN physician, Dr. Yocunda Clayton and our professional staff, look forward to providing quality prenatal care for you and your unborn baby.


The Maternity Wellness Center specializes in the care of pregnant women from the beginning of your pregnancy to the 34th week. During this time, you will receive education to include lab tests that may be performed, expected course of the pregnancy, anticipated schedule of visits, healthy practices, and the scope of care we provide in our office. ARMS has a partnership with Dr. Rowell Ashford, OB/GYN and Princeton Baptist Medical Center to care for our prenatal patients from 34 weeks to term and delivery.

Preparing for a happy, healthy baby starts early, so we help you get ready for the big day. We want you to understand the different stages of pregnancy and how your body changes as the baby grows to term. We want to do everything we can to help you to feel confident and comfortable through pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

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