Nutrition Counseling

At Alabama Regional Medical Center it is important that our patients learn the basics of good nutrition as a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and prevention of chronic disease.  Various members of your primary care medical team will improve your knowledge of good nutrition over time through discussions during your medical visits, providing dietary educational materials, and by evaluating the progress of health goals that you have set with your provider.

You can learn how good nutrition to help to reduce risk for heart disease, control hypertension, diabetes and cancer by eating high nutritional value foods such as:

  • Vegetables (with a high concentration on green leafy vegetables)
  • Fruits (fruits with high sugar should be eaten in moderation, especially for diabetics)
  • Complex carbohydrates such as beans, peas, and whole grain pastas and breads
  • Healthy meats with low fat and high protein (white meat chicken, fish, lean beef, and lean pork)
  • Dairy products with low fat
  • Drinking plenty of water or beverages with little or no sugar

Your primary care medical team will recommend avoiding:

  • Simple carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates are recommended)
  • Fried foods
  • Unhealthy meats with high fat content should always be eaten in moderation (whole milk, ice cream and cheese)
  • Drinks with a high sugar content
  • Alcohol and tobacco usage due to severe health risks related to both
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For additional educational resources on healthy eating, great recipes and nutritional facts, visit or